E-Mail Services

Virtual E-Mail

All Torello Marketing customers with their own Domain Name also have one mailbox, which receives and stores all mail addressed to that domain (with a few administrative exceptions). This mail will be forwarded to any e-mail address of the customer's choosing. By default all accounts are set to forward requested e-mail addresses to the primary e-mail address provided by the customer. * Unlimited forwarding * Filter out unwanted mail (SPAM) * Automate responses We have the ability to forward mail to external addresses based on the addressee. This is useful for sending sales@example.com to one person, and billing@example.com to another. There is no charge for this capability, however adding to and updating the mail forwarding configuration requires approximately one half hour of billable time. Many clients opt to use different e-mail addresses for different corporate functions such as, billing@acme.com, support@acme.com, personnel@acme.com, etc., each forwarded to the appropriate individual. This makes the e-mail address independent of staff changes, and presents a professional appearance to clients and prospects. Virtual E-mail also allows us to install auto-responders to send automated responses to user inquiries.

POP Mailboxes

Torello Marketing Customers with their own domain may also request additional POP e-mail boxes in addition to the capabilities of virtual e-mail. Standard accounts may have up to 100 POP boxes configured at no additional cost. Additional POP boxes are billed at a nominal monthly fee. Please see our rate schedule for current rates. These mailboxes receive mail addressed to any address at a Virtual or Vanity Domain that the user chooses. The advantage of a POP mailbox is that the mail never has to leave our servers until it is read (no forwarding required), and that you don't have to update external e-mail addresses when they change. POP mailboxes also come with their own individual password and disk quota of one megabyte (3Mb) of disk space. Please note that this service may not be used to operate a general purpose mailbox resale service, nor may the forwarding capabilities be used for similar purposes. Account add-ons are intended for use only in direct relation to the Web Services obtained from QGM. Forwarding and Autoresponder setup is not available for individual POP boxes.

WEB based email

Torello Marketing Customers with their own POP e-mail boxes can access thier email via the web through any number of web-based emil gateways. One such gateway is located at: http://mail2web.com/ Please note that if you use a web-based interface for your email you may not have a copy of your email should that service be discontinued.